Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions though, here are the frequently asked ones.

  • What is 9gagClone?

    9gagClone is the funniest yet simplest platform for you to publish or collect funs.

  • What are admirers?

    Admirers are people who receive your Fun. If someone admires you, they're your admirers – they'll receive your Fun in their homepage. If you admire someone, you are their admirer.

  • What is admiring?

    Admiring someone on 9gagClone means you are subscribing to their Fun, and their Fun will appear on your 9gagClone homepage. Your admirer/admiring stats are listed on your profile page.

  • Who made this awesome fun collection site?

    Just some folks at Rollin' Egg... and, if you are participating, you did too!

    You can reach us at: contact [at]

  • What is Top Fun?

    Top Fun is the most popular Fun as voted by the 9gagClone community.

  • What is Hot Fun?

    Hot Fun is a daily updated selection from all Fun based on a magic algorithm. Top secrets to get hot: interesting title, funny content, accurate tags, correct credit and more Likes!

  • Source / Credit?

    We respect originality and creativity. Please cite the source or give correct credit whenever you can.

  • Why can't I see who Likes my Fun?

    We don't show that in order to encourage as many laughs as possible. Some people who stay anonymous are just too shy to tell the world they love your Fun. Those that want to make their love for your Fun publicly known, however, can either leave a comment or admire you.

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